•  Proficiency courses in English Level 1, 2 and 3 (Level 2 is mandatory for Management and Finance undergraduates)
  •  Certificate course in English (optional course for management undergraduates)
  •  Functional English MOS1200 (Credit earning course for Management Undergraduates)


The English Language Teaching Unit of the University of Colombo conducts Proficiency and Certificate Courses in English to the students of the Faculty of Management & Finance of the University of Colombo, right throughout their academic studies.

New entrants – As the New Entrants to the Faculty, all students, approximately 450 in number, are required to sit a Placement Test in English, where their Proficiency in the Second Language – English Language is tested.

1st Years - 1st Semester

During the First Semester, about 100-115 First Year students who obtain marks below the required pass mark need to attend Remedial English Classes -Level 1. By offering these classes, these students can improve their English Proficiency level with in this period.

-> Assessment :- Final paper

1st Years - 2nd Semester

1st Years – All First year students, approximately 450 in number, need to followthe Functional English& Basic Academic Writing Course during their second semester. This course consists of two parts. Part I on Basic Academic Writing and Part II on Functional English.

The course duration is 15 weeks. The Faculty of Management & Finance conducts classes on Basic Academic Writing (Part I) for 3 weeks and the English Language Teaching Unit conducts classes on Functional English (Part II) for 12 weeks.

-> Assessment :– 1 written assignment (10% – mid- course) and Final paper (Part I – 40%: Part II – 50%)

2nd Years

For theSecond Year students, on going English classes are conducted by the ELTU at 3 Levels – II, III and Certificate Course (CC) during each semester. Those who successfully complete Level II will be eligible to enter Level III in their following year and likewise those who successfully complete Level III will be eligible to enter the Certificate Course in the following year. Those who successfully complete the Certificate Course will obtain a Certificate in Business English. Level III is compulsory to all students as it is a requirement to obtain a pass at this level to complete their first degree. The Certificate Course is an optional course.

-> Assessments :- 3 mid-course assignments – Written, Listening, Orals and Final Paper

3rd and 4th Years

For the Third and Fourth Year students, classes are conducted by the ELTU at 2 levels – Level IIIand CC. Level III is a compulsory level whereas CC is optional.

-> Assessment :- 3 mid-course assignments – Written, Listening, Orals and Final paper.

For further information contact

English Language Teaching Unit
University of Colombo.

Telephone :- 011 2506705
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E-mail :- eltu@eltu.cmb.ac.lk