The Multi-cultural Centre under the Department of Sociology of University of Colombo is established for the purpose of fostering the cultural diversity which exists within the university community and facilitating full participation of all staff and students in academic and non-academic activities organized by the centre. The focus of all programmes and events planned will be cultural teaching and learning, with special emphasis on diversity of community representing a variety of backgrounds. Students of the Faculty of Arts and members of staff (academic and non-academic) can join the centre as members and ensure to be informed of all events organized by the event. The center is established under the funding provided by Ethnic Cohesion component of HETC project of University of Colombo and Prof. Premakumara de Silva was the founding co-ordinator of the center.



* Create a space within the faculty community for cultural learning and teaching

* Promote human understanding through the study and expression of culture

* Provide a diverse range of programmes and opportunities that are educational, recreational, social and cultural

* Increase understanding and appreciation of diversity of culture by familiarizing the faculty community with the socio-historical backgrounds of diverse communities


Scope and Coverage

The multicultural center will be responsible of carrying out activities designed and also in monitoring other faculty level activities. Therefore, it has a wide task of organizing, maintaining, documenting and reporting about all the programmes which come under the promotion of ethnic cohesion component and also to provide services and facilities (maintain resources: books, journals, audio-video etc.) for students and staff.


Activities and Programmes

Book Launches, Film Screening and Discussion, Guest Lectures