Honours Degree in Communication and Creative Arts

The Department of Communication and Creative Arts offers a honours degree in Communication and Media Studies for the undergraduates of the University of Colombo. The unique identity of this programme is that it combines communication, media and creative arts which are inseparably interrelated components of the discipline. The degree programme is designed as an interdisciplinary programme by bringing the creative arts orientation to the study of Communication.

The programme is developed in order to address a long felt need for a honours degree programme in Communication and Creative Arts. The newly introduced degree programme consists of unique and up to date course units that would widen the academic scope of the Faculty of Arts. The creative arts component of the degree programme is a novel and timely initiative to the Faculty of Arts and it addresses the specific need for an academic programme focusing on creative arts. The programme aims to produce graduates who are competent in both theoretical and practical aspects of Communication and Creative Arts.

Study Stream in Communication and Creative Arts

In 2006, the academic scope of the Journalism Unit was broadened in order to meet the current requirements, and the entire curriculum was fully revised to provide a wider spectrum of the discipline. New course modules were introduced and the area of study was renamed as Communication and Media Studies. The Communication and Media Studies courses were introduced to first year students from the year 2006. In 2015, under the Faculty Study Stream programme, Journalism Unit introduced a new study stream programme titled ‘Communication and Creative Arts’. At present, Department of Communication and Creative Arts offers 19 course modules under the study stream of Communication and Creative Arts.

Diploma in Communication and Media Studies

Then Journalism Unit inaugurated a one-year diploma programme in Journalism in 1986 as a professional academic programme for journalists. The course was introduced under the leadership of Prof. J.B Dissanayaka and Mr. Edwin Ariyadasa and Mr. D.F Kariyakarawana were the founding members of the programme. The diploma programme is offered in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages and it is the only Communication and Media Studies programme that is offered in all three languages in Sri Lanka. In 2019, the diploma programme was revised according to the SLQF guidelines, and a curriculum review was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Wimal Dissanayake, Prof. Ariyathna Athugala and Mr. Edwin Ariyadasa. Since 2020, the programme is offered as the ‘Diploma in Communication and Media Studies’ with an updated and modern curriculum. The course has been followed by a large number of journalists, media practitioners and writers, who have excelled in their professions.

The Diploma in Communication and Media Studies programme covers key aspects in the field of Communication and Media Studies. This programme provides the orientation in the process of communication in both print and electronic media, the background to communication and media activities, issues linked to the practice of media, the impact of communication and journalism on society, historical evolution and new developments and technological advancements in the field of Communication and Media Studies.

Undergraduate Programmes

First Year

Semester 1

CMS 1101          Introduction to Communication*

Semester II

CMS 1202          Introduction to Media Studies*

*    Prerequisite for those who wish to continue Communication and Media studies as a subject.


Second Year

Semester I

CMS 2111          Theories of Communication
CMS 2112          Print Media –Reporting and Editing
CMS 2113          Language of Moving image TV & Film

Semester II

CMS 2214          Development Communication
CMS 2215          Video Production Techniques
CMS 2216          Radio Theory
ELT 2222            Gender and Media

Third Year

Semester I

CMS 3140          Advertising and Public Relations
CMS 3141          Print Media-Feature Journalism
CMS 3142          Writing for Television and Film

Semester II

CMS 3243          Communication and Contemporary Issues
CMS 3244          Radio Programme Production
CMS 3245          Critical Studies in Film

* Lecturers delivered in Sinhala and English Medium.