About ELTU

Department of  English Language Teaching, which accommodates the largest body of students enrolled to all faculties of the University of Colombo. The courses provided range from General English to English for Specific Purposes according to the needs of the different faculties. In addition to conducting intensive and ongoing courses for undergraduates, the unit also contributes to the English language enrichment of the wider community through their online and off line Business English programmes. The strength of the unit lies in its versatile teaching staff consisting of more than 40 permanent, temporary and visiting lecturers with postgraduate qualifications and its dedicated team of 4 non academic staff.

Our Vision

The Department of English Language Teaching will be persistent in providing high quality academic English languages skills required for its students to meet the challenges in their careers and everyday lives. It will be recognized for its intellectual, professional and social contributions, renowned for its outstanding courses, partnerships and activities. It will also promote English as a link to facilitate a peaceful and harmonious coexistence among the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic societies of Sri Lanka

Our Mission

The Department of English Language Teaching is committed to excellence in teaching and service in the following disciplines: communication and presentation skills, academic reading and writing, creative and business writing skills. The unit aims to serve students by providing a wide array of teaching and learning opportunities that foster listening, speaking, reading, writing and critical thinking through effective teaching methods and techniques. The unit strives to contribute significantly to the academic enrichment and the quality of life of the campus, community and region, and thus inspire students to become active participants in the academic, social and work related communities.