General Convocation 2021 – Faculty of Arts

General Convocation 2021 – Faculty of Arts

The University of Colombo held its General Convocation 2021 on 13th & 14th December, 2022 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Colombo. The event was graced by the Vice Chancellor, Senior Professor H.D. Karunaratne, Rector, Deans of the Faculties, Directors of Institutes, Registrar, Acting Librarian, Bursar, academic and administrative staff, and graduates.

The Vice Chancellor conferred the BA (Study Stream) and BA (Honours) degrees to the pass out batch of the Faculty of Arts. Gold medals were also awarded to the highly performed students of the faculty.

We congratulate the graduates and wish them all the best to be successful in their respective domain.


Following students of the faculty were awarded Prizes and Gold Medals for their outstanding performance:

Chief Sangha Nayaka of America, Aggamaha Pandit, Dr. Walpola Piyananda Maha Thera Award for the Best Student in Buddhist Studies – K.S.M. PEIRIS and H.K.N. PRIYADARSHANI Jointly

Professor KAP Siddhisena Award for the Special Degree in Demography – W.K.V.P DE SILVA

Professor Indralal De Silva Award – W.K.V.P. DE SILVA

M. W. Jayasuriya Memorial Prize for Economics – W.A.D.H.G. WIJESEKARA

Professor of Economics, Gold Medal for Economics – W.A.D.H.G. WIJESEKARA

The Best First Year Student in Economics – D.G.S.D. RAJAPAKSHA

The Best Second Year Student in Economics – W.A.D.H.G. WIJESEKARA

The Best Third Year Student in Economics – M.F.S. FERNANDO

The Best Student in Economics in the Trade and Industry Stream – J.H.M.K.T. JAYASUNDARA

The Best Student in Economics in the Transport Economics and Commercial Shipping Stream – M.F.S. FERNANDO

The Best Student in Economics in the Economic theory and Applications stream – H.G. VITHANAGE

The Best Student in Economics – W.A.D.H.G. WIJESEKARA

The Department of English, University of Colombo Award for the Best Student of the Special Degree in English – R.S.H. DISSANAYAKE

Department of English, University of Colombo Award for the Best Undergraduate Dissertation – L.M.M. LI

Prof. Yogambikai Rasanayagam Gold Medal in Geography – U.L.A.S. PRIYAKUMARA

Prof. Kusuma Abeysinghe Gunawardana Memorial Award for Geography – K.A.P. PUNSARANI

The Dr. Lorna Dewaraja Award for the Best Undergraduate Dissertation in History – V.N.M. FONSEKA

Mr.& Mrs. SDH Jayawardena Memorial Gold Medal in History – K.R. DE ZOYSA

Tikiri Abeysinghe Memorial Prize for History – K.R. DE ZOYSA

Professor Indrani Munasinghe Award in Sri Lankan History – K.R. DE ZOYSA

Amara Mohotty Memorial Award for the Best Performance at the International Relations – B.A.L. CHULOTHTHAMA

Prof. Shelton Kodikara Award for International Relations – B.A.L. CHULOTHTHAMA

MGA Cooray Award for the Best Dissertation in International Relations – M.R.K. GAYANTHA

Leitan Award for Political Science – I.D. CHETHANA

Professor M.B. Ariyapala Award for Sinhala – T.H.Y.L. UDAYANGANI

Kalabhushana Donu Devindu Mohotty Memorial Prize for the Best Performance in Sinhala – T.H.Y.L. UDAYANGANI

Kalabhushana Donu Devlndu Mohotty Memorial Award for the Best Dissertation in Sinhala – K.M.T.A. WIJEKOON

Professor G.D. Wijayawardhana Prize for Classical Sinhala Literature – T.H.Y.L. UDAYANGANI

Professor kusuma Karunaratne Award for Modern Sinhala Literature – K.K.D. NIMANTHI

Martin Wickremasinghe Memorial Price for the Best Dissertation in modern Sinhala Literature – C.M.K. JAYAWARDAHANA and T.H.Y.L. UDAYANGANI Jointly

Professor M.B. Ariyapala Memorial Prize for the Best Dissertation in Classical Sinhala Literature – M.D.V. DIWANI

N.D.S. Silva Memorial Prize for Sociology – B.A.L.K. PERERA

Prof. Laksiri Jayasuriya Award for the Best Student in Sociology – B.A.L.K. PERERA

Ramani Jayatilake Award for Development Sociology – P.V.M. FERNANDO

Suji Kolambahewa Hettiarachchi Award for the Best Student in Contemporary Social Theory – P.V.M. FERNANDO and B.A.L.K. PERERA Jointly

Neil Bandaranaike Memorial Prize – W.A.D.H.G. WIJESEKERA

Professor Tilak Hettiarachchy Award for the Most Outstanding Student of the Faculty of Arts – H.G. VITHANAGE

Photo Credits: FOS Media