The 2019 Meeting of Board of Management – Confucius Institute, University of Colombo – 19th Dec.

The 2019 Meeting of Board of Management – Confucius Institute, University of Colombo – 19th Dec.

Annual meeting of the Board of Management, Confucius Institute, University of Colombo was held on  19th December 2019.

Senior Prof. Chandirika N Wijeratne – Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo,  Senior Prof. Premakumara De Silva – Dean, Faculty of Arts, Dr. L. M. Kapila Bandara – Dean, Faculty of Education, Senior Prof. L. Manawadu – Head, Department of Geography,  Dr. Wimal Hewamanage – Senior Lecturer, Department of Buddhist Studies attended as the board members from University of Colombo.  Board Members Vice President, Prof. Yuan Jun, A/Prof. Ma Zhongwu, Vice Director of International Office from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Board Members from Honghe University Chair of University Council, Prof. Yang Ji, A/Prof. Zhang Xi, Director of Office of International Programs and Services, the Sri Lankan Director Ven. Prof. M. Dhammajothi Thero and the Chinese Director A/Prof. Huang Wei were also attended the meeting.

The Chair, Vice Chancellor, University of Colombo Senior Prof. Chandirika Wijeratne welcomed all the Members of the Board and the attendees, and introduced the mission and the vision of the University.  She also spoke about the tasks carried out in 2019 by the Confucius Institute and also mentioned that the University will make more efforts to extend the function of the Confucius Institute attached to the University of Colombo (CI – UoC).

Vice President of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), Prof. Yuan Jun praised the contribution of the CI – UoC to the Road and Belt Initiatives and expressed a determination to develop the CI – UoC.

Chair of the University Council of Honghe University (HU) Mr. Ji Yang recognized the efforts made by the three parties, the significant effect of the cooperation and a promising future.

Ven. Prof. M. Dhammajothi delivered the 2019 CI-UoC Work Report and the Financial Report. Director, Prof. Huangwei expressed the 2020 CI-UoC Work Plan and the Financial Budget. Finally, all the documents were discussed and approved at the meeting.

All issues of the new problems of the CI-UoC has met in the year were discussed effectively and the feasible solutions were reached by the Members and Directors of UoC, BFSU and HU.