Events/Activities/ Projects

Suposhi Milk Programme (සුපෝෂි කිරි වැඩසටහන)

This initiative held in collaboration with MILCO and Sarvodaya to offer a free glass of milk for undergraduates to improve their nutritional health. This initiative includes 750 glasses of milk distributed weekly among undergraduates of the FoA through a token system.

Movie Series (“ප්‍රේමය නම්” චිත්‍රපට මාලාව)

 A series of films are screened in collaboration with the Charana TV for students to experience different perspectives of love, compassion, respect and devotion. This initiative is coordinated by the Student Wellness Society.

Suwatha Sanitary Programme (සුවත සනීපාරක්ෂක වැඩසටහන)

The Suwatha Sanitary Programme, in partnership with the Capital Maharaja Group, aims to raise students’ awareness of hygiene and health. Also, this programme initiated the engagement of providing discounted sanitary napkins to students who are in need.

The Youth Camp, Faculty of Arts 

The Youth Camp, organized by the Youth Wellness Center of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, successfully completed its first workshop on 19th September 2023, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m, in Room No. 128. The Youth Camp is designed under the theme of ‘discovering youth’ and the workshop has delivered awareness sessions, group and individual activities, a demonstration booth on items used for reproductive and sexual health, and medical clinics.The workshop attracted youth participation through various games, quizzes and raffles held throughout the session.

The Youth Camp was supported by the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka and funded by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The event was held with the presence of the Dean, Faculty of Arts Senior Professor Lasantha Manawadu, Director (Medical) Dr. Nuzrath Nasoordeen, Director (Outreach Activities) Mr. P. Rajapaksa, and Senior Staff of the Youth Wellness Center, including Mr. Dhamma Disanayake (Director), Dr. Menik Wakkumbura (Coordinator), and Dr. Darshi Toradeniya (Activity-Coordinator).

120 undergraduates have participated in the Youth Camp, and those who successfully completed the complete session were awarded participation certificates. The Youth Camp was organized with the vounterrism of the Youth Wellness Society of the Faculty of Arts.