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Staff Notices

International Coastal Cleanup Day

Geography Society of the Department of Geography, University of Colombo and all the faculties with the participation of Marine Environmental Protection Agency is organizing a cleanup programme of Crow Island coast Beach to commemorate the 30th anniversary of International  Cleanup Day, on 19th September 2015 (Saturday) from 7.00 am - 11.00 am  .
Buses will leave at 06.30 a.m. from University of ColomboGloves and trash bags will be provided and Water and refreshment will be served.  Join us! All are welcome.
Marine Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA) possesses to mandate to prevent, control and manage marine pollution in Sri Lankan waters.  Sri Lanka owns a maritime zone which is approximately 8 times larger than that of its land area.  Hence MEPA is responsible for maintaining a pollution free marine environment.  In order to minimize this issue, proper disposal of waste should be adopted.   However, this can only be executed via attitude change in people.  MEPA has already taken steps to make people aware regarding this issue by conducting awareness programmes and beach cleanups.
As another initiative, MEPA has decided to conduct an island wide beach cleaning programme on 19th - 23rd September 2015, from 7.00 am to 11.00 am commemorating the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day with a main objective of quantifying the composition of marine debris on beach around Sri Lanka.

Research Grants to be awarded to Probationary & Senior Academic grades to obtain Doctoral Qualifications Locally - 2012

The University Grants Commission will entertain applications from broth Probationary and Senior Academic grades attached to Higher Educational Insititutes in Sri Lanka under the University Grants Commission to obtain Doctoral qualifications locally. The candidates should register for Ph. D. Degree in selected Sri Lankan University where expertise for Postgraduate Research is currently available.


The candidate is expected to obtain fulltime paid study leave and enter into a Bond and Agreement with their resepective institutions. The grant will cover the reserach project expences, registration and tuition fees for Ph.D. (3 years) Programme. The grant will not cover foreign travelling.


The candidate should submit a duly completed application form which could be downloaded from the UGC web site, together with the Research Proposal through Vice Chancellor of the University concerned to the following address.


Additional Secretary,
International Cooperation Division
University Grants Commission
20, Ward Place
Colombo 07.


The candidates would be selected by an interview which will be held in Mid November. The deadline for the receipt of completed application form is on or before 25th October 2012.

Request for resource persons for consultancies under HETC - World Bank Project - Eastern University, Sri Lanka

The list of consultancies and the Terms of Reference to be undertaken by resource persons under the UDG component of the HETC - World Bank Project at Eastern University, Sri Lanka for the year 2012, are given in the following table.


List of Procurement of Consultancy services/HETC Project , EUSL – Year 2012


No. PP Ref.No./TOR No. Description Estimated Cost (LKR) Method of Selection


Consultancy for Establishing Wide Area Network (WAN) between faculty of Health Care Science and Eastern University Vantharumoolai





Consultancy for updating and revising existing ICT curriculum at the Faculties and Campus of Eastern University of Sri Lanka and Preparing Course Modules and Conducting TOT





Revision and Redesigning of Curriculum for Improving English Language Teaching and Learning at the Faculties and Campus of eastern University of Sri Lanka and Preparing Course Modules and Conducting TOT





Preparation of learning material to be adopted in the ELT aimed at UTEL.





Designing and Establishing a self Access Language Lab at ELTU and at FHCS





Designing a Curricular for SS development together With required Course Materials, and Conducting trainings for selected students and staff